college lecturers

Sr. No. Photo Name of Faculty Qualification Subject
1. Dr. Shradha Anil Kumar Dr. Shradha Anil Kumar (Principal) Ph.D., M.Lib & Information Science, B.Sc (Bio)Diploma in Russion Language, M.A {Sociology} Associate Professor [Head, Learning Resource Centre]
2. Dr. Indu Mamtani (Off. Principal) Dr. Indu Mamtani Ph.D. ,M.Phil, M.Com. Associate Professor [Head, Dept. of Commerce]
3. Ms. Geeta S. Galani Ms. Geeta S. Galani M.Phil, M.Com, M.A. Associate Professor {Dept. of Commerce}
4. Dr. Tanuja Laxmansing Rajput Dr. Tanuja Laxmansing Rajput Ph.D, M.Phil, M.Com Associate Professor {Dept. of Commerce}
5. Dr. Sujata Chakravorty Dr. Sujata Chakravorty Ph.D, M.Phil, M.A, Dept.of English Associate Professor {Head,Dept. of English}
6. Dr. Sujata S. Sakhare Dr. Sujata S. Sakhare Ph.D, M.Phil, M.A {Home Economics}, NET Associate Professor {Dept. of Home Economics}
7. Dr. Ritu Tiwari Dr. Ritu Tiwari Ph.D, M.A.{Economics}, NET Associate Professor {Head,Dept. of Economics}
8. Dr. Mugdha A. Deshpande Dr. Mugdha A. Deshpande Ph.D, M.Phil, M.Com, M.A{Economics}, SET Associate Professor {Dept. of Commerce}
9. Mrs. Anita R. Sharma Mrs. Anita R. Sharma M.A,NET, SangeetPrabhakar Assistant Professor {Head, Dept. of Music}
10. Dr. Monali J. Masih Dr. Monali J. Masih Ph.D. ,M.Phil ,B.Ed , M.A, NET{Music} Assistant Professor
11. Mrs. Varsha Agarkar Mrs. Varsha Agarkar M.A,NET, SangeetAlankar Assistant Professor {Music}
12. Dr. Chetna Hemant Pathak Dr. Chetna Hemant Pathak Ph.D, M.A {English} Assistant Professor {Dept. of English}
13. Mrs. Babita Thool Mrs. Babita Thool M.A, NET Assistant Professor {Head, Dept.of Political Science}
14. Dr. Meena Balpande Dr. Meena Balpande Ph.D., M.Phil, M.P.Ed, M.A, SET Assistant Professor {Head, Dept. of Physical Education}